The world's first B2B AI
pharmaceutical solution

Cluster connetcs pharmacies with retailers to speed, simplify,
and automate the drug ordering process and, most importantly, to reach for shortage medications in no time.

Why is Cluster the most convenient tech solution for pharmacies and suppliers?

With the CLuster app, pharmacists can easily refill their shortages of medicines, cosmetics, or medical supplies from suppliers with the highest discounts with just a click. On the other hand, suppliers will dramatically increase their profits by reducing their operational costs and increasing sales volume.

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Hot deals and offers from various suppliers are instantly notified.

Pharmacies will receive notifications for daily offers and discounts from different retailers to be able to select the most suitable ones.

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Some of the invaluable features of Cluster:

Suppliers and pharmacies will benefit from the unique features of Cluster to save time and money by using one of these options;

Best Prices:

an AI-based option to request your order from suppliers with the maximum discount.

Price List:

to find and select your order from just one supplier and with one purchase invoice.

Auction/ bidding:

for cost-effective bulk purchasing by opening an auction and receiving multiple offers to choose from.

How does the auction/bidding feature work?

For pharmacies, to purchase a bulk amount of a specific item, a pharmacist will use that option to send a request to all nearby suppliers and start receiving offers to pick the most suitable one. For retailers, they will be notified once an auction is placed to start sending available quantities and discount percentages.

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Connect with your preferred supplier:

Cluster enables pharmacies to search for a specific product using the eCommerce module and also, the ability to connect and order from their favorite suppliers.

More features

Cluster was developed to be an all-in-one pharmaceutical platform where pharmacies and drug suppliers can easily connect with each other, benefitting from the full-fledged modules provided in the app.

Medicine Dailylist:

Pharmacists can save the most frequently ordered products to easily reorder them later.

Communication Channel:

to allow the app users to connect together and send text messages, voice messages, and even upload files.

Supplier's Dashboard:

to manage stock, control the order process, and provide their offers and discounts.

eCommerce Module:

where pharmacists can find and select their products from a specific supplier.

AI Module:

fully automated algorithms to let you know where your shortages are and with the highest discount ever.

Instant Notification:

a smart module to immediately notify pharmacists and suppliers of offers and hot deals.

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